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Elementi in the press
Jens Klier
Bachtrack, 23.04.2015


Jean-Fery Rebel
Extracts from Les Elemens
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Extracts from Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Extracts from 'Phaeton', LWV 61
Arvo Pärt
Tabula Rasa
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Extracts from Platee, RCT 53

B'Rock is presenting an ode to the creative and destructive powers of nature. In his orchestral suite Les Elemens, the French composer Jean-Fery Rebel illustrates how earth, water, fire and air emerge from the chaos of the universe to form a new and harmonious order. When one first hears the bloodcurdlingly dissonant opening chord of this 'simphonie nouvelle', one probably imagines Rebel to be of the 20th century rather than attending the baroque court of the Sun King, where, encouraged by Lully, he reached the highest musical echelons. Lully's opera Phaéton, from which B'Rock has selected several dances, shows that things can end badly for ambitious souls that venture too close to the sun. The swirling suites from Rameau's operas also frequently defy the elements. It is only in Arvo Pärt's meditative double concerto Tabula Rasa that calm returns.



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