At St Peter's Church in Oostkamp, B'Rock pays tribute to two indispensable instruments of the baroque orchestra: the trumpet and the organ.

Organ Splendour

28 Aug 2014
It is remarkable that Handel has written several works for harp. B'Rock will be playing two of them in this programme: the renowned sinfonia from Saul and the harp concerto that was heard at the first performance of Alexander's Feast or The Power of Music in 1736.

The Power of Music

30 Aug 2014
The Flemish novelist Peter Verhelst modernised this fiery war legend. Together with director Paul Koek, he rewrote the libretto and breathed new life into the intrigue. The background rumbles with the horror of the First World War...


12, 13, 18, 20, 27 Sep 2014
In the 1720s Bach and several of his contemporaries together wrote an everlasting repertoire of orchestral music full of virtuoso fireworks and sonorous expressiveness.

The virtuoso 1720s

22, 23 Oct 2014
11, 12 Nov 2014
Since its first performance in Dublin on 13th April 1742, Handel's Messiah has been one of the indisputable icons of Western music. But do we know this oratorio as well as we think?


29, 30 Nov 2014
When you hear the joyous words «Jauchzet, frohlocket!», you know that it's time for your annual rendezvous with the finest Christmas music of all time.


13, 16, 17, 20, 21 Dec 2014
B'Rock is turning the spotlight on Luigi Boccherini, an Italian composer and cello virtuoso who for a long time was overshadowed by his classical fellow composers
Mozart and Haydn.

Stabat Mater

12, 13, 14, 15 Feb 2015
The music of Georg Philipp Telemann often receives less attention than it deserves. His oeuvre includes a wealth of musical surprises, such as the 1755 Passion oratorio
Der Tod Jesu.

Der Tod Jesu

24 Feb 2015
B'Rock proves how modern early music can sound, and vice versa. A surprising and exciting concert for those out to make musical discoveries.

Beyond Baroque

10, 12, 13 Mar 2015
23 Apr 2015
Yellow Lounge is a trendy classical music evening with brief live sets by world-renowned classical musicians. Klarafestival brings this concept to Brussels for the first time.

Yellow Lounge

19 Mar 2015
From Rebel to Pärt, and from Schnittke to Bach. By throwing convention to the winds and giving free rein to their imagination, B'Rock demonstrates that the story of the early music movement is by no means over.

Tabula Rasa

25 Apr 2015
The third part of B'Rock's notable ode to Mozart is devoted to his triumphal progress through Prague. Mozart had more success in this 'golden city' than anywhere else.

Mozart in Prague

22, 24 May 2015
Alessandro Scarlatti's serenata Venere e Adone has the most appropriate overall title of Il Giardino d'Amore: it is not only the characters of Venus and Adonis that come emphatically to life, but also nature.

Il giardino d'amore

13, 14, 16, 17 Jun 2015
About: Weihnachts-oratorium

<<Ready? Set? Go! This is how it felt when conductor René Jacobs began with the 'Weihnachtsoratorium' by Bach. Followed by a sprint with a group of musicians who wore Nike Air sneakers, al least, this is how it sounded like: everything smooth and elegant, like only the best athletes can.>>

Frederike Berntsen
Trouw, 17.12.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd

<<Their fully focused approach and tremendous sharpness, which predominates constantly, seems to be the key for a breathtaking performance.>>

Hildegard Maertens
Kwadratuur, 24.10.2014
About: Arthur
Ute Schalz-Laurenze
Kreiszeitung, 20.09.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd
Rupert Christiansen
The Daily Telegraph, 06.09.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd
Philippe Venturini
Les Echos, 31.05.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd

<<The belgian baroque orchestra B'rock is a well-oiled machine who can spark with the right conductor. What totally happens here. A well-balanced sound is to be noticed, already from the overture. The orchestra plays accurate and articulates subtle , but also leaves breathing space when necessary.>>

Annemarie Peeters
De Standaard, 21.05.2014
About: Orfeo ed Euridice

<<Pulsating sounds, often renewed articulation, beautiful colors coming out of the old instruments - and an uncommon vitality. It went right to the heart.>>

Peter Hagmann
Neuers Zürcher Zeitung, 14.05.2014
About: Orfeo ed Euridice

<<Some enchanting sounds were produced by the members of B'Rock in the pit. The grating of the gates of hell, the echoes, the consoling dance steps: the orchestra and its delightful playing combined sorrow and despair into a single, very beautiful whole.>>

Tom Janssens
De Standaard, 13.05.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd
IlTeneroMomento, 30.04.2014
About: Arthur

About: Arthur
Shirley Apthorp
Financial Times, 21.03.2014
About: Arthur

About: Arthur

<<Musically, Arthur was top. The adventurous specialists of B'Rock conducted by George Petrou played tightly and smoothly, the soloists sung Purcell's arias con brio. The intimate shepherdess duet by McFadden and soprano Elizabeth Cragg was wonderful. Also Cappella Amsterdam sung outstanding: the choir scenes were without any exception all highlights.>>

Joep Stapel
NRC Handelsblad, 20.03.2014
About: From Vivaldi with Love

<<Vivaldi's instrumental concerti were the highlights of this programme, in which the orchestra could show it's unique style and expressivity even more. It truly was outstanding.>>

Algirdas Klova
7 md, 14.02.2014

On tour with Sophie Karthäuser

The third part of B'Rock's notable ode to Mozart is devoted to his triumphal progress through Prague. Mozart had more success in this 'golden city' than anywhere else, especially with his opera buffa. It was between Le Nozze di Figaro and Don Giovanni that he composed what came to be called the Prague Symphony. The concentrated adagio introduction to the first movement gives a foretaste of the melancholy and dramatic tone of Don Giovanni. But these shadows are soon cast out in the brilliant Allegro, which, with its chirruping counterpoint, looks ahead to the overture of Die Zauberflöte. The soprano Sophie Karthäuser offers a suitable response to some of the finest arias from these operas.


On Friday 22 May 'Mozart in Prague' takes place at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Ghent and on Sunday 24 May, the concert is to be seen on Operadagen Rotterdam.

B'Rock combines baroque composer Rebel to the contemporary music of Pärt

In his orchestral suite Les Elements, the French composer Jean-Féry Rebel illustrates how earth, water, fire and air rise up out of the universal chaos to form a new and harmonious order. When one hears the hair-raisingly dissonant opening chord of this simphonie nouvelle for the first time, one would probably associate Rebel more with the 20th century than the baroque court of the Sun King, where, encouraged by Lully, he worked his way up into the highest echelons of music. But contemporary composers sometimes mislead their listeners too. For example, in his Collage über B-A-C-H, Arvo Pärt swings between baroque and modern sounds, and his meditative Tabula Rasa double concerto would not go amiss alongside Rebel's Tombeau de Mr Lully, a subdued tribute to his mentor. B'Rock proves how modern early music can sound, and vice versa. A surprising and exciting concert for those out to make musical discoveries.


B'Rock will perform this concert in Belgium, as the opening concert of the Flanders Festival Kortrijk (23 April) and during the Bach Weekend at Flagey (25 April).

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B'Rock debuted in Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Conducted by René Jacobs and together with the RIAS Kammerchor and the fantastic soloists Sunhae Im, Bernarda Fink, Martin Lattke (Benjamin Bruns in Brussels) and Dominik Köninger, B'Rock Orchestra perfomed the Weihnachtsoratorium by J.S. Bach. With this programme the orchestra also debuted in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and went on a tour through Italy to finish in Brussels and Antwerp. 


Press and public responded very positive: 


"This is how it sounded like: everything smooth and elegant, like only the best athletes can." **** (Trouw)

"Eccellente esecuzione dell'Oratorio di Natale da parte di Rene Jacobs" (Voce d'Italia)


Those who would like to hear the concert, can click on the video above. The second part is to be found via this link