B'Rock and the mezzo-soprano Mary-Ellen Nesi prove that virtuosity need not be gratuitous

In Furore

10 Jul 2015
07, 08 Aug 2015
10 Sep 2015
Conducted by René Jacobs, B'Rock and Collegium Vocale Ghent pay a tribute to the cosmically splendid colours of this timeless masterpiece.

Die Schöpfung

27, 29 Aug 2015
02, 24, 26, 28 Sep 2015
B'Rock is paying tribute to both Pergolesi and Bach in the company of the soprano Lenneke Ruiten and alto Wiebke Lehmkuhl.

For Heaven's Sake

14, 15 Sep 2015
01, 02 Oct 2015
B'Rock has been in existence for ten years. To celebrate, the orchestra is pulling out all the stops, with its concertmaster Rodolfo Richter at the helm.

B'Rock 10!

22, 23 Oct 2015
Francesco Bartolomeo Conti's inventive score is a masterly parody of opera seria and its heroic arias. René Jacobs leads B'Rock and a cast of singing stars through this little-known gem.

Don Chisciotte in Sierra Morena

15, 17, 25 Nov 2015
In this richly variegated Christmas programme, B'Rock follows the star of the baroque through Europe.

A Baroque X-mas

10, 11, 12 Dec 2015
This programme is served with the purest Italian ingredients, forgotten vegetables from the 17th century. Composers like Biagio Marini, Andrea Falconieri and contemporaries colour your plate with exquisite flavours... served by B'Rock XS.

Italian Banquet

30 Jan 2016
René Jacobs explores Gassmann's lyrical talent and the production is directed by the Anglo-Irish uomo universale Patrick Kinmonth. B'Rock and a superb cast of soloists step into the shoes of their fictional 18th-century predecessors.

Opera Seria

09, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17 Feb 2016
What is truth, and how much pain are we willing to suffer for it? These questions inspired B'Rock and the Philharmonic Chorus of Wroclaw to present an innovative St John Passion.

And you must suffer

10, 11, 12 Mar 2016
B'Rock pays a fourth tribute to Mozart, together with Alexander Melnikov


29 May 2016
05, 08, 10 Jun 2016
Conducted by René Jacobs, B'Rock and Collegium Vocale Ghent pay a tribute to the cosmically splendid colours of this timeless masterpiece.

The Creation

13, 14 Jun 2016
About: Opera Seria
Shirley Apthorp
Financial Times, 10.02.2016
About: A Baroque X-mas
Andrew Benson Wilson
Early Music Reviews, 12.12.2015
About: Don Chisciotte in Sierra Morena

<<Das Ensemble füllte Partitur und Saal mit Spaß und Energie, Leidenschaft und Einfühlung. Mit Dynamik, den typisch burlesk-deftigen Streicher-Rhythmen und der Erlebnismaschinerie aus Oboe, Flöte, Flauto piccolo, Kastagnetten, Tambourin, Schellenring, Glöckchen, Trommeln, Windmacher und Hörnern brannte B'Rock ein mitreißendes, farbiges Effektfeuerwerk ab.>>

Jens Klier
Bachtrack, 26.11.2015
About: Die Schöpfung

About: The Creation
Ingo Hoddick
RP Online, 02.09.2015
About: In Furore

<<Great afternoon with B'Rock Orchestra at the BBC Proms - thrilling music making.>>

Petroc Trelawny
BBC Radio 3, 08.08.2015
About: Weihnachts-oratorium

<<Everything moves with a suppleness and elegance that only athletes can achieve>>

Frederike Berntsen
Trouw, 17.12.2014
About: G.F. Handel - Orlando Cd

<<Their fully focused approach and tremendous sharpness, which predominates constantly, seems to be the key for a breathtaking performance.>>

Hildegard Maertens
Kwadratuur, 24.10.2014
About: G.F. Handel - Orlando Cd

<<The Belgian baroque orchestra B'Rock is a well-oiled machine that sparks with the right conductor, which totally happens here. A well-balanced sound was noticed already from the overture. The orchestra played accurate and articulated subtle, but also kept space when necessary.>>

Annemarie Peeters
De Standaard, 21.05.2014
About: Arthur

About: Arthur
Shirley Apthorp
Financial Times, 21.03.2014

Stream L'Opera Seria

La Monnaie lets you discover all of its opera productions for free on the internet. L'Opera Seria is available from 14 March to 3 April 2016 included. Get to know the star soprano Stonatrilla and artistic director Fallito and discover what a "mestier maledetto!" the theater is. 


Stream L'Opera Seria

B'Rock: best ensemble of 2015

On Saturday night there were celebrations at deSingel in Antwerp where B'Rock was presented with the Klara award for best ensemble of the year 2015. This prestigious prize was awarded to the orchestra for 'constantly striving to achieve quality and for its great international leap forward in 2015.' Each year Radio Klara hands out seven music awards. One of these is the prize for best soloist or ensemble of the year. All the musicians and staff at B'Rock were delighted with this recognition of their work and took the opportunity to thank all their partners, audiences, friends and authorities for their confidence over the years. Also to congratulate all the other winners, especially Sigiswald Kuijken, with whom some of the B'Rock musicians have worked together for many years. A list of the other winners is available at


Over the coming days and weeks B'Rock have been invited by De Munt to play at the Royal Circus in Brussels. On the programme is L'Opera Seria, a crazy opera by Florian Leopold Gassmann. The title of this 1769 opera suggests the opposite of what the work really is, namely an incisive sendup of opera seria. In his parody, Gassmann responds to a popular trend of the second half of the 18th century. Together with Calsabigi, he created an opera company that has been given precisely one day in which to perform a work. However, with artists who are only interested in their own 'moment of glory', and a composer and librettist who are out for each other's blood, a good outcome is far from assured. And in the end it turns out that the impresario has run off with the evening's box office takings: 'Oh Teatro! Oh mestier maledetto!'