B'Rock and the mezzo-soprano Mary-Ellen Nesi prove that virtuosity need not be gratuitous

In Furore

10 Jul 2015
07, 08 Aug 2015
10 Sep 2015
Conducted by René Jacobs, B'Rock and Collegium Vocale Ghent pay a tribute to the cosmically splendid colours of this timeless masterpiece.

Die Schöpfung

27, 29 Aug 2015
02, 24, 26, 28 Sep 2015
B'Rock is paying tribute to both Pergolesi and Bach in the company of the soprano Lenneke Ruiten and alto Wiebke Lehmkuhl.

For Heaven's Sake

14, 15 Sep 2015
01, 02 Oct 2015
B'Rock has been in existence for ten years. To celebrate, the orchestra is pulling out all the stops, with its concertmaster Rodolfo Richter at the helm.

B'Rock 10!

22, 23 Oct 2015
Francesco Bartolomeo Conti's inventive score is a masterly parody of opera seria and its heroic arias. René Jacobs leads B'Rock and a cast of singing stars through this little-known gem.

Don Chisciotte in Sierra Morena

15, 17, 25 Nov 2015
In this richly variegated Christmas programme, B'Rock follows the star of the baroque through Europe.

A Baroque X-mas

10, 11, 12 Dec 2015
René Jacobs explores Gassmann's lyrical talent and the production is directed by the Anglo-Irish uomo universale Patrick Kinmonth. B'Rock and a superb cast of soloists step into the shoes of their fictional 18th-century predecessors.

L'Opera Seria

09, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17 Feb 2016
What is truth, and how much pain are we willing to suffer for it? These questions inspired B'Rock and the Philharmonic Chorus of Wroclaw to present an innovative St John Passion.

And you must suffer

10, 11, 12 Mar 2016
B'Rock pays a fourth tribute to Mozart, together with Alexander Melnikov


29 May 2016
05, 08, 10, 11 Jun 2016
Antje Rößler
Potsdammer Neues Nachtrichte, 18.06.2015
About: Weihnachts-oratorium

<<Everything moves with a suppleness and elegance that only athletes can achieve>>

Frederike Berntsen
Trouw, 17.12.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd

<<Their fully focused approach and tremendous sharpness, which predominates constantly, seems to be the key for a breathtaking performance.>>

Hildegard Maertens
Kwadratuur, 24.10.2014
About: Arthur
Ute Schalz-Laurenze
Kreiszeitung, 20.09.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd
Rupert Christiansen
The Daily Telegraph, 06.09.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd
Philippe Venturini
Les Echos, 31.05.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd

<<The Belgian baroque orchestra B'Rock is a well-oiled machine that sparks with the right conductor, which totally happens here. A well-balanced sound was noticed already from the overture. The orchestra played accurate and articulated subtle, but also kept space when necessary.>>

Annemarie Peeters
De Standaard, 21.05.2014
About: Orfeo ed Euridice

<<Pulsating sounds, often renewed articulation, beautiful colors coming out of the old instruments - and an uncommon vitality. It went right to the heart.>>

Peter Hagmann
Neuers Zürcher Zeitung, 14.05.2014
About: Orfeo ed Euridice

<<Some enchanting sounds were produced by the members of B'Rock in the pit. The grating of the gates of hell, the echoes, the consoling dance steps: the orchestra and its delightful playing combined sorrow and despair into a single, very beautiful whole.>>

Tom Janssens
De Standaard, 13.05.2014
About: G.F. Handel Cd
IlTeneroMomento, 30.04.2014
About: Arthur

About: Arthur
Shirley Apthorp
Financial Times, 21.03.2014
About: Arthur

About: Arthur

<<Musically, Arthur was top. The adventurous specialists of B'Rock conducted by George Petrou played tightly and smoothly, the soloists sung Purcell's arias con brio. The intimate shepherdess duet by McFadden and soprano Elizabeth Cragg was wonderful. Also Cappella Amsterdam sung outstanding: the choir scenes were without any exception all highlights.>>

Joep Stapel
NRC Handelsblad, 20.03.2014
About: From Vivaldi with Love

<<Vivaldi's instrumental concerti were the highlights of this programme, in which the orchestra could show it's unique style and expressivity even more. It truly was outstanding.>>

Algirdas Klova
7 md, 14.02.2014

Discover our new season

«Everything moves with a suppleness and elegance that only athletes can achieve», is what the Dutch newspaper Trouw wrote about B'Rock in December 2014 following their performance of the Christmas Oratorio at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam under the baton of René Jacobs. This description pleases us as, like the best sport, B'Rock's music is essentially about emotion.


In September 2015 it will be exactly 10 years since B'Rock performed its first concert. The ensemble started as the youthful dream of several ambitious kindred spirits. Since then, time has never stood still. The journey has been exciting, full of magical moments, intense emotions, enriching collaboration and captivating productions. But it has also been one of doubts, challenges and pitfalls. B'Rock is now firmly established, with a stable group of first-rate musicians from all corners of the world, with a bold and innovative artistic project that combines old and new, with a well-filled concert calendar at home and abroad, and with an expanding audience.


Hereby, we present the 2015–2016 season. We are pleased that international interest in our work is still growing. From its hometown of Ghent, B'Rock will in the coming months be travelling to Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Lithuania and Estonia. It will be making its debut at numerous prestigious festivals and concert halls including the BBC Proms, the Ruhrtriennale, the Rheingau Musik Festival, Theater an der Wien and the Auditori in Barcelona. Our presence at the Ruhrtriennale marks the beginning of a common course that will continue until at least 2017. It is fantastic to visit so many places spread out across Europe and each time to connect with a different audience. At the same time, in Belgium B'Rock will continue to play a prominent role in major cultural centres and festivals.


A glance at the 2015–2016 season shows clearly what B'Rock currently stands for. We perform a very varied repertoire which includes not only musical milestones and exciting new discoveries, but also a deliberate investment in the creation of new music. We seek active dialogue with contemporary artists and composers, and put our energy into bold musical theatre, hybrid concert formats and opera, all with the best partners in the world. We do this because we are convinced that baroque music should be more than beautiful or moving. The music of the past can also make us look at today's world with its many social and societal challenges. We will be for example be giving the first performance of an exceptional production of Joseph Haydn's story of the Creation. The Berlin film artist Julian Rosefeldt has devised a film to go with Die Schöpfung, in which he strips down the relationship between man and environment. But the wanderings of the antihero Don Quixote are also on the programme. Together with René Jacobs and an excellent cast of soloists, we are dusting off Francesco Bartolomeo Conti's Don Chisciotte in Sierra Morena. His inventive score is a masterful parody of opera seria and its heroic arias, and plays on a broad dramatic spectrum that is still relevant today. Following an international concert tour, a new CD recording is scheduled for the Archiv / Deutsche Grammophon label.


The opera seria genre is also the subject of the new opera production L'Opera Seria at La Monnaie. This unknown opera by Florian Leopold Gassmann portrays an opera house in difficulties that is feverishly preparing for an upcoming production. With this production B'Rock continues its successful collaboration with La Monnaie in Brussels, which is without a doubt one of the most important opera houses in Europe. The structural presence of B'Rock at la Monnaie, now and in the future, is crucial for our further development. Opera is quite simply an inseparable part of our artistic work. The new musical-theatre production And you must suffer, after Bach's St. John Passion, is also a mental exercise that focuses on the present time. Conceived as a universal reflection on the role of religion, identity, sacrifice, suffering and — above all — compassion, in an era of increasing diversity, Bach's most controversial setting of the Passion is confronted with new work by the Palestinian- Israeli composer Samir Odeh-Tamimi and the Flemish composer Annelies Van Parys. B'Rock's ten years have been a decade of revitalization and renewal in early music. Now on to the next decade.

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On to a new season

B'Rock will present the new season 2015-2016 in the week of 6 July. Once again, the upcoming season looks very promising: we will celebrate our 10th birthday and international interest in our work is still growing. From our hometown of Ghent, we will in the coming monhts be travelling to Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Lithuania and Estonia. 


With In Furore, we have already unvealed the first project of the new season. In this production B'Rock proves together with mezzo-soprano Mary-Ellen Nesi and violin player Dmitry Sinkovsky that virtuosity need not be gratuitous.


With this project, the orchestra debutes at the Rheingau Musik Festival in Germany, the BBC Proms in London en the Korkyra Baroque Festival in Croatia. In Belgium, this concert is to be seen at the MAfestival in Bruges. We hope to see you soon!

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B'Rock in the Garden of Love

B'Rock Orchestra is invited to the Potsdam Sanssouci Festival for the third time. This year, the festival will combine music with idyllic gardens. In addition to the divine Garden of Love in Alessandro Scarlatti's serenata Venere e Adone, B'Rock and conductor Olof Boman will also be presenting the secular vegetable garden in the form of J.S. Bach's burlesque Bauernkantate, an eccentric work packed with folk dances and melodies that reveals a surprisingly light-hearted side to this German master.


The première is to be seen on the 13th of June, but is already sold out. You can still see the performance on 14, 16 ant 17 June. 

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B'Rock debuted in Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Conducted by René Jacobs and together with the RIAS Kammerchor and the fantastic soloists Sunhae Im, Bernarda Fink, Martin Lattke (Benjamin Bruns in Brussels) and Dominik Köninger, B'Rock Orchestra perfomed the Weihnachtsoratorium by J.S. Bach. With this programme the orchestra also debuted in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and went on a tour through Italy to finish in Brussels and Antwerp. 


Press and public responded very positive: 


"This is how it sounded like: everything smooth and elegant, like only the best athletes can." **** (Trouw)

"Eccellente esecuzione dell'Oratorio di Natale da parte di Rene Jacobs" (Voce d'Italia)


Those who would like to hear the concert, can click on the video above. The second part is to be found via this link